Report on the USC ETC Augmented Reality Salon

Excellent report put together by Phil Lelyveld on the USC ETC Augmented Reality Salon that happened at the USC School of Cinematic Arts on Nov. 11.

“The Entertainment Technology Center at USC hosted an Augmented Reality Salon on the afternoon of November 11, 2016 at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Eightly-nine people with hands-on involvement in AR from 56 different organizations participated. ETC executive director/chief executive officer, Ken Williams, opened the event to welcome attendees, followed by Philip Lelyveld, ETC’s VR/AR Initiative program lead, who described the salon’s purpose and schedule. According to Lelyveld, until PokemonGo burst onto the scene last summer, AR was developing quietly in the shadow of VR. With our spike of awareness around the success of PokemonGo, we are rapidly redefining and evolving our ideas of what an AR experience can be. ‘We’re here to explore the possibilities of AR as a foundation for new types of storytelling, new types of human interaction, new approaches to revenue generation and business models, new combinations of technologies, new social, legal, and ethical challenges,’ said Lelyveld.”


“The afternoon schedule started with six 10-minute presentations, each followed by five minutes of Q&A. Three of the presentations focused on the Business of AR and three on the Art and Technology of AR. These presentations set the stage for the most valuable part of the afternoon: discussion groups. Everyone in attendance was assigned to one of four classrooms where moderators led a 90-minute discussion. Each group was curated to include business people, technologists, and creatives. Some were experts in AR and others were new to it. Some represented major media companies and others were from start-ups. The goals were to share ideas and build community among peers. That evening, participants were sent an email to elicit what in the presentation they thought was important, interesting, hadn’t thought of before, and disagreed with. This report summarizes the entire event and the participants’ responses to the questions posed by email. By participating, attendees helped to support the ETC’s mandate, which is to accelerate the understanding and facilitate the adoption of promising new entertainment technologies within the entertainment community.”

The full report can be found here: